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About Us

K.L. Carver Elementary School’s mission is to create and maintain a nurturing learning environment that: 
• Enables students to make well-reasoned choices; 
• Inspires living with integrity and concern for others; 
• Cultivates an appreciation for lifelong learning; and 
• Increases adaptability to change in a diverse, ever-changing world. 
Students at Carver Elementary School are provided enrichment throughout the school day through a shared visual arts program, shared music, and band music programs, as well as daily physical education. Additionally, all students attend field trips and/or have programs visit the schools to provide instructional support to students depending on the grade level and curricular requirements. And, thanks to the generous Parent Teacher Association (PTA) each elementary school hosts an annual Science Fair. 

Carver Elementary School - Aerial Tour

Join us for an aerial tour of the Carver Elementary School campus. This video was recorded in July 2021 while students and staff were off-campus. We miss our students and look forward to seeing them on campus soon!