Carver Traffic Rules and Safety

As we start this new school year, we would like to remind all drivers (parents, relatives, nannies, caretakers and etc.) who pick up students after school of the following:

Please pull ALL the way forward in the driveway. When you leave two car-length spaces in front of you at drop off / pick up, that's at least two students who have to wait longer as your child exits or enters your car. 

Continue to use the name cards for your dashboard to identify your child(ren) and their grade. 

The pick up line will get lengthy at times. Please do not turning right from the middle lane along Huntington Drive into the driveway. 

On minimum days when all students are dismissed at the same time, please plan accordingly and allow extra time at pick up.

There are NO sidewalks on Kinghurst Road. If you are dropping your child off on Kinghurst so they can walk the remaining distance to school, you are essentially dropping your child into vehicular traffic. 

Please also do not park in staff parking spots. Staff responsible for students will not be able to be with students if their parking spots are taken and need to spend time finding parking outside of school.
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