K.L. Carver Elementary School

Recommended School Supplies

How many times have you walked into Big-Mart at back-to-school time with the hopes of just getting school supplies, but only to find yourself leaving with hundreds of dollars' worth of extra stuff?
While the mission is simple, the task is extremely difficult. It's like the retailers put some trance on you to buy more than what you need... and before you know it your cart is filled with everything, but school supplies.
This year save a ton of money by avoiding the trance of big box retailers and purchase all your back-to-school supplies at from 1st Day School Supplies. It simple, easy and quick.
Your teachers have already pre-selected their recommendations for supplies. All you need to do it order! The products are TOP quality and will arrive conveniently to your doorstep!

Order before July 2018 by clicking here.

If the above link has expired or if parents prefer to shop for supply items at a store, please click here for the recommended lists by grade level.