K.L. Carver Elementary School

Carver Hallo-Wheel Parade

The Carver HALLO-WHEEL Parade is a safe and meaningful event for our FA-BOO-LOUS Pioneer community. Carver will have the same schedule school wide for synchronous and asynchronous learning. The drive thru is Friday, October 30th from 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM (Hallo-Wheel schedule). Stay in your car and cruise through Carver School driveway for a SPOOKTACULAR 2020 memory. 
Thanks to the lovely Carver PTA, students will receive Red Ribbon Week surprises. A "trunk-or-treat" supply bag will safely be distributed to cars near the Kinder crosswalk. We have one bag per student. Please have your Carver student name(s) on your dashboard. 
If you do not want a "trunk-or-treat" supply bag for your students, please print and hold up, "No Thank You" flier to opt out of Red Ribbon Week surprises.
Please mark your calendar:
Friday, October 30, 2020
1:30PM - 2:30PM
Can't make it? Please join the CARVER COMMUNITY FB to view the HALLO-WHEEL PARADE for a livestream of the event!
Costume Guidelines:
  • Keep costumes in good taste, classroom friendly, and school appropriate:
  • No weapons
  • No blood
Costumes are optional. Show your Hallo-wheel spirit including your cars. This event is for Carver families!