K.L. Carver Elementary School

Drive-Thru Picture Day

Please dress your child appropriately as this photo will be used to create a wonderful picture package, for display in this year's yearbook and to create your student identification picture in PowerSchool. Please visit the following URL to access a digital form to order this year’s school photos.
School Code K136
You may optionally print and complete the order form on paper and bring it along with payment in a sealed envelope to your child's Picture Day. 
Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:
Q1: What if I cannot make it to my scheduled time?
If you absolutely cannot make it to your scheduled time, please make sure you come between 4:30-5:00 PM on 9/29th or 9/30th. 
Q2: Where will the actual photo be taken?
The photo will be taken outside on the sidewalk of the Carver Driveway by the Steps area. 
Q3: Can the driver or an adult get out of the vehicle to help the student?
Yes, only if it is necessary. 
Q4: Will the student need to take off the facemask for the photo?
Q5: Can I opt to skip the photo and upload a high-quality picture of my student for the yearbook?
Although not recommended, here is the form to upload a high-quality photo by 10/15/2020. 
Q6: If I have multiple students (siblings) at Carver, do I bring all of them at the designated time?
Yes. the schedule above was purposely done alphabetically by last name to accommodate most sibling scenarios.
Q7: Do I have to complete the COVID Screener before arriving at Carver?
Yes, please do. It is important that folks stay away from others if they have any COVID symptoms. 
Q8: If I have questions about how pictures will be taken or how to order pictures, who can I contact?
If you have any questions about how pictures will be taken or how to order pictures, please contact:
(413) 287-1234 –Text
(909) 944-9536 –Phone
Q9: Who do I contact if I have questions about the yearbook or about volunteering?
Please contact PTA President, Becki Watlington, becki_ballard@hotmail.com if you have any questions about the yearbook or if you are interested in volunteering. 
Q10: Who do I contact if I have general questions?
You can always contact Dr. Lin by emailing carverprincipal@smusd.us
Q11: Does Carver or the PTA benefit from Picture Day?
Carver School and the Carver PTA do not financially benefit from Picture Day. However, Studio 1 will provide Carver School a set of student photos for PowerSchool. The Carver PTA will get the same set of photos for the student yearbook. 
Q12: I would like to complete the order form on paper, but do not have a printer. Can I pick up an order form from school?
Yes, order forms are available outside the Carver Front Gate. 
order forms