K.L. Carver Elementary School

Carver Appreciation Week (May 4-7, 2020)

Dear Carver Pioneer Families!
I hope this finds you and your family healthy and well. Carver Appreciation Week is always a time of great enthusiasm and gratitude for our wonderful Carver teachers and staff. While we cannot love on them in person this year we do want to make sure they know how just how loved and appreciated they are! With this in mind we'll be moving forward with a very simple Carver Appreciation Week (May 4-7, 2020). The schedule will be as follows:
Monday, May 4 - Carver Gratitude Day.  Show your appreciation for any Carver employee(s) by completing this form. Student SMUSD login is needed.
Tuesday, May 5 - Have your child send an email or video to his or her teacher with a special message. 
Wednesday, May 6 - Have your child wear their teacher's favorite color when logging on for Distance Learning. Click here for the information.
Thursday, May 7 - Send an email to your child's teacher with a special message of how you've seen your child grow or develop this year or any other special sentiments.
Unfortunately, due to not being physically present at school some of our favorite traditions such as favorite flowers, physical notes/gifts and special treats aren't practical for this year's Appreciation Week, but we look forward to next year when we can really pour it on!
Thank you for taking time to help make our Carver Community feel loved!!!
Jennifer Barberie
2020 Carver Appreciation Week Chair