PTA Allocations

Do you have any ideas for enrichment programs or improvements you would like to see at Carver?

Each year the Allocations Committee takes ideas submitted by parents and staff and makes recommendations to the PTA Association as to how PTA budget carryover should be spent.  PTA funds can be spent on enrichment programs, materials for events and programs, and more. Carver PTA will be allocating approximately $5,000 this fall. Please share your ideas!

Click HERE for the Allocation Idea Submission Form.  If you are submitting an idea for a program, please keep in mind that it must occur during school hours and should benefit the greatest number of students at Carver. Capital improvement projects need approval from the School Board before they can be considered by the Allocations Committee. If additional information is needed, the Committee Chair will contact you. Not all submissions may get approval.
The deadline for suggestions is Wednesday, October 16th. The Allocations Committee will meet on Thursday, October 24th.
The Allocations Committee will present their recommendations for approval by the Association at the PTA meeting on Monday, November 18th. Approved allocations must be implemented/purchased prior to the end of the 2019-2020 school year. The parent or staff member who submits the idea is responsible for ensuring the program gets implemented and/or purchasing the materials.
Please contact Hwannie Shen at [email protected] with any questions.