K.L. Carver Elementary School

Traffic Safety

Dear Carver families,

We had an exciting start of the new school year and hope to see you at back-to-school-night on Thursday, August 22nd. I would like to take this opportunity at the start of the new school year to remind our families about traffic safety. 

It is very important to observe all traffic signs and give the right of way to pedestrians. 

Please do not have students be behind your vehicle to get to their belongings in the trunk of the car. Doing so would risk students being sandwiched in between moving driveway vehicles. If belongings have to be in the trunk, we ask that the adult gets to the belongings in the trunk. The driver may have to get out of the car to quickly do this. We have instructed all students on this new safety rule. 

There is no passing in the left lane when entering the school's driveway on Huntington Drive. The car line can get long, but the line will move faster and safer if everyone abides by the rules to pull forward and not use cell phones.

Please be super-attentive while in the car line and make sure that your car is not blocking other cars from flowing in the car line. Please do not abandon your car in the middle of the car line to look for your student. Please find parking off-campus.

Although queues and lines are a reality of modern life, pedestrian and student safety do not have to be dependent on the clock. Please plan more time to enjoy quiet time in the car or enjoy walking a block or two from campus. Much appreciations for your cooperation. 

Mike Lin
K. L. Carver School