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Welcome to the STEM Lab!

Hello Carver Families,


I am excited to open the STEM Lab in conjunction with bridging the NGSS Standards to our Core content areas. Science is now at the forefront of our future and is an integral part of the curriculum to a well balanced and advanced education.


To be great at science, all core disciplines are needed: mathematics to compute and calculate, history to understand significance and importance, and English to research and share findings. As we move forward, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will be integrated to the core disciplinary fields and your students will truly experience the connections across content areas.


We will be able to teach our students to think and be real scientists and engineers as they discover, design and create their way through the school year. Your students will witness the science behind life: the technologies we use, the processes we experience and the wonder we have yet to discover.


The goal is to provide your children with a skill set that will be useful in the STEM Lab, their home classroom and beyond. Our lab transcends the four walls of the classroom as students collaborate and problem solve, innovate and create and realize that their ideas hold the power to find solutions to real life issues.


We want to provide them with the knowledge, understandings and confidence they need to embrace the success that lay ahead of them. The STEM Lab is where we encourage this thinking and learning and embrace the students’ creativity that will blossom.


The STEM Lab always welcomes student and family input! If you are interested in volunteering, sharing ideas or lending a helping hand, please email me or swing by the STEM Lab (Room 30).


Thank you for your generosity, support and patience as we walk through this journey together!