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The Carver Library is an important component of the life and learning process at the school.
The Library is fortunate to be staffed by 3 knowledgeable and enthusiastic ladies – all funded by the Carver PTA. Kathy Osegueda is our Library Director. The Library Assistants are Yvonne Beltran and Joyce Leckband.
Almost entirely funded by the PTA for over 25 years, the library contains about 12,000 books, plus magazines and read-along tape or CD book sets, all available for students, staff and parents to check out for 2 weeks. The collection emphasizes fiction and non-fiction titles which support the curriculum at all grade levels as well as the newer, popular “read aloud” picture books appropriate for all ages. The library also has a good reference section geared to information needed for typical classroom assignments. These volumes may be checked out for 24 hours.
In 2017, the Carver Library underwent a major renovation. All bookshelves are now mobile on a new flooring, allowing the Library to host a variety of special events. There is also a new Makerspace area with a LEGO wall and a First LEGO League tournament table. 
Parent volunteers are enthusiastically welcomed to present a read aloud selection of their choice to their child’s class while they are in the library. They are also encouraged to volunteer in the library helping students find and check out books and shelve returned books. Contact the PTA Library Volunteer chairperson if you are interested.
The Library is an integral partner of the Accelerated Reader supplemental reading program available for Kindergarten thru 5th graders. Ask your child’s teacher for further information. The list of over 100,000 books with corresponding quizzes and reading levels is available at http://www.arbookfind.com. Students may take AR quizzes in the Carver Library as well as in their classroom. Quizzes cannot be taken outside of SMUSD.
To connect to our electronic catalog click on this link: http://smusd.folletdestiny.com (Or type it into your URL address line.) Then click on Carver Elementary School and then the tab at the top labeled “catalog”. It is usually best to search for books by keyword, title or author. For fun, try using “categories” on the side to find your favorite genre.